Be Still

Be still, and know that I am God

Psalms 46:10

A planted seed beneath the earth does not grow by itself. Through its needs – the sun’s light that creeps through the smallest openings on the ground, the water that the earth sips and the rich nutrients the soil has – a sprout comes forth with life. God has provided everything for it through the nature He created and through man who cultivates it. The seed needs only be still.

We are seeds cared b our Father. Just as the seed relies for its needs, so do we rely on our Heavenly Father. For it is said, how much more will the Father in heaven give us? (Matthew 7:11)

Being still means to do no effort; there is no need to worry about anything, for the Father provides. Yet, meditating more upon this word, I asked myself: how about in times of suffering, in times of pain? We are asked to be still, silent and effortless, yet it is during these times that – ironic as it may seem – being effortless requires a lot of effort, being still requires discipline.

How do we cope with pain? How do we cope with negativities? How do we cope with all the fears and uncertainties? Everything that is unexplainable, how do you remain still when curiosity takes place?

Suffering is inevitable; we cannot get away from it. A lot of tears are shed, a lot of wounds acquired, accompanied by a great pang of pain. We want to escape, find a way out. Yet, sometimes we are called by God, not to escape, but to face our hurts with great boldness. In fact, there’s something beautiful about suffering: Although it is temporary, it permanently strengthens our hearts, impeccably sharpens us so we can cut through.

The truth is we dont really have to do something; we dont really have to know all the answers. But there’s an art to keep ourselves still: have faith – with great confidence and assurance – that at the end of the storm is our destiny; Hope, waiting – with great expectation – for a victorious tomorrow; and, Love, conquering – with great passion and determination – all torment and misery for for the people we care about. Trust that things will get better. As it is said in the good book: blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)

And we shall.

It’s indeed a struggle to keep a fire burning when it’s raining, but God remains faithfu. He will never abandon us even when we are too weak to hold on and have any faith left in our heart. (2 Timothy 2:13)

We’re not alone in this.


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